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Why Youngsters Trapped in Narcotics?

Harping on Easy money and promoting unethical business practise which indirectly taught by elders which leads the young masses getting into trap of criminal world either by way of committing crime or helping criminal mind to get Drowsy drugs like Smoke, Ganza, Coccaine And MD tablets etc for personal Consumption and for commercial purpose. Recently son of Hindi Film Star arrested by officials Narcotics Bureau of India and then lot many things had written about it. Whereas in Contrast even in the World of Filmistan there are Good Angels born and such angel had served to the society. Giving good example of Nazia Hasaan a popular Pakistani Singer one who sung Famous Hind song of Qurbani film named Laila O Laila said singer had a life span of 35 years but during her life time she contributed huge resources to the needy and even initiated to spread awareness for not to get into Drugs hence started NGO named BAN battle against narcotics due to her initiative worldwide her efforts were praised but poor angel lost her life due to lung cancer at the age of 35. Let us stop blam game encourage one another to fight against Narcotics and strengthen strong emotional support to our young generation to get away from this menace. For public interest by Ad Anil Bugde.



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