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Police Station Not A Extortion Joint Or Place of Screen Off Offenders?

Oh! My God public you may not believe THE CRIME STORY revealved from source info as we came to know that at Vashi Police Station, Navi Mumbai one Criminal Police Complaint has been lodged by one Lady Muslim victim who has per her case story that she was in connection with one Gujrathi Businessman Fellow and between them there were took place some huge cash money transfer transaction some where during the year about 2004 to 2006 and as on the basis of such transaction there seems to be developed proximity between the two individuals and in the process it is the case of the victim lady that she had parted with some huge amount of cash money to the said Businessman and the said amount has not been returned by the said person to her and further more it is the story of the said victim lady that in the process since many years she been exloited by the said person on account of she being a woman. As per source info local police is in the process of investigating the matter at Preliminary stage and so far no FIR has been registered in the case, but the allegations levelled by the victim lady is quite serious and further more the dispute between the two individuals are not only related to the case of any alleged sort of assault but in fact as per the version of the case of the complainant both the individuals and their associates are at larger level seems to be involved in the process of MONEY LAUDERING activities as the transaction between them is patently shows of ALL CASH TRANSACTION and hence the concerned laws need to be invoked in the matter and investigation is required to be done at more scientific basis and while seeing the modus operandi of the individuals in the matter justice is required to be given to the matter. We are the public felt that it is the duty of the police to see that no invidicual like any lady take advantage to level any baseless charge against anyone to rope them into case of any assault upon her and further more police are also required to be seen that criminals any Businessman should not be screened off by taking some corrupt money from them in the matter to close the case stating NO CASE MADE OUT ITS CIVIL CASE GO TO THE COURT. For public interest by Ad. Anil Bugde.



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