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Accident Is Nothing But Planned Cold Blooded Murder?: Traffic Police Are You On Road For To Protect Us Or For To Screw Up the Public.

Friends we are on Road our lives are at risk routinely cases of Accidents are come to limelight which are turned to be Cases of Planned Murders and still none of us and bloody our Raskal Politicians, Raise Voice against Outdated Accident Laws. Police normally does not get involved into registering of Crime of accident as the crime of cases of murder as the reason is simple that carrying out the investigation into the murder case is more complicated issue and they does not get quick money, whereas in the accident case normally person who are involved into commission of offence easily shell out money to satisfy the interest of police. Due to such short cut method of making Corrupt money most of the time police officials who are having case of accident victims play some mischief in investigating the crime of accident and does not invoke the serious offence of murder in the said matter. Case in hand of Parbhani District took place within the division of Sailu Taluka wherein one Crime Register No. 120/2021 was registered by police at Sailu Police Station under the offences of rash and negligent acts and causing death due to criminal negligence, all those offences are Bailable and Simple and driver of the vehicle hardly go behind the bar and due to such funny law, Criminals and Police likely to manage the case of accident victims as per their wishes. In the aforesaid case one person named Suresh Karva shown to be died in accident case whereas as per the public outcry the acts of accident was allegedly managed by one Rahul Kasat, and then in order to get screen off from the said Murder Case, local DySP Rajaram Pal demanded some 2 Crores 200 Lakhs and as per the source the police and accused settled the matter for 1 Crore and 50 Lakhs and out the said amount Rs. 10 Lakh was to be handed over to the Police Constable of said DySP but meanwhile said accused Rahul Kasat lodged the complaint of Bribery at ACB, DG Office, Mumbai against said DySP and later on ACB office arranged the Trapped and arrested the said DySP and his Police Constable Ganesh Chawan accepting the said bribe amount of Rs. 10 Lakhs. The whole exercise was to just to help the accused not to make the case strong and provide benefits to the conserned culprits who had brutally killed the said deceased Suresh Kara. Alarm Bell broken into pieces how long are you going to wait and tolerate. Raise your soul and be answerable to such cause. For public interest by Ad. Anil Bugde



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