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ILLegal Arrest and Detention: High Court Takes Action.

Complaint of sexually assault was filed on behalf and for the welfare of 14 year old minor girl named Pari (named changed) by Child Protection Officer, Thane named Mrs. Pallavi Jadhav at the NRI Sagri Police Station on 12.8.2022 by vide Crime Register No. 206 of 2022 and after lodging the said complaint NRI Police were investigating the case and later on Child Welfare Committee, Thane and Child Protection Officer Mrs. Pallavi Jadhav, Thane felt necessary and legal to record the statement of the said minor girl under section 164 of the Code of Criminal Procedure to disclose the offence if any caused upon her person at the instance of any person to the office of Local Learned Magistrate, Belapur, Navi Mumbai. The case of said minor girl is that since 8.8.2022 she is residing with her mother along with another minor brother and she lost her father in 2016, after the demise of her father her mother sustained great difficulty to look after their education and hence she admitted her minor girl and minor son to one Bethel Gospel Church which is having Charitable Trust who used to help the helpless people to look after their minor children as the said Church/trust had admitted some minor children to the school of Navi Mumbai Municipal School and at some Private School and for the purpose of looking after the welfare of these children the said Church/Trust was not charging any single penny and used to collect the donation from the public spirited citizen. Due to non registration of the said Children Shelter Home of the said Church/trust in the office of Child and Women Department of State of Maharashtra, child welfare committe, Thane and its Child Protection Officer Mrs. Pallavi Jadhav raided the said Trust on 5.8.2022 and taken the custody of all those 45 minor children including above mentioned minor girl Pari. The child welfare committee, Thane and Madam Pallavi Jadhav after completing legal formalities handed over the custody of the Pari to the natural parent to her mother on 8.8.2022.

Surpringly the Child Welfare Committee and its Protection Officer Mrs. Pallavi Jadhav called the said girl Pari and her mother on 10.8.2022 to meet them at their Ulhasnagar Office as the said Protection officer thought she wants to record some statment of said minor girl and accordingly the said minor girl and her mother met the said Protection Officer Mrs. Pallavi Jadhav on 10.8.2022 at her office and despite of not obtaining Legal Written Order from the office of Child Welfare Committee it seems she had recorded the alleged statement of the said minor girl and made out some case of sexually assault and filed the FIR at NRI Sagri Police Station 12.8.2022.

Thereafter extensive media reports and live news coverage were telecasted by local you tube news channel persons of said Pari and also published print news by the news agency like MIDDAY and Times of India of the said girl Pari in very indecent manner to the public with some unauthentic details of the case and had tarnished the image of the said minor girl Pari and her family.

Though the said humiliation was not enough caused by the media made at the instance of Child Welfare Committee, on 8.9.2022 the officials of Child Welfare Committe, Thane and Mrs. Pallavi Jadhav along with police forcibly taken the custody of the said girl from her residence and kept her at Children Home, Ulhasnagar and though her mother resisted but police had not helped her.

In view of illegal arrest and illegal dention of minor girl Pari her mother filed Heabous Corpus petition in High Court through the hands of Activist lawyer Ad. Anil Bugde against Child Welfare Committee, Thane and Child Protection Officer Mrs. Pallavi Jadhav and after due consideration and argument their Lordship Justice Mr. Gadkari and Mr. Jadhav J.J. passed an order on 26.9.2022 on the said petition and directed the Child Welfare Committee, Thane to hand over the custody of the said minor girl Pari to her mother on latest by 27.9.2022 at 11am and accordingly the said girl is now in the hands of her natural biological mother. What a sigh of relief to the heart of ailing mother whose minor child was forcibly taken away by some Government Agency like CWC without the consent of minor Pari and her poor mother. They were just interested to forcibly record the statement of the minor girl Pari. Whose interest is really getting protected by such Force. Finally Rule of Law has prevailed and truth is protected. For public interest by Ad. Anil Bugde.

Ad. Anil Bugde
Ad. Anil Bugdehttps://pil24news.com/
I am Ad. Anil Bugde, Activist Lawyer taking legal issuues concerning larger public interest before the Court of Public and then mobilising Human Power to fight against all inhuman and insensitive approach of the mighty people and shady government agencies.



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