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Sunil Gavaskar whether is money making Machine?

BCCI TAMASHA: Hello Public you may become serious to know Cricket Body BCCI made payment as Commentary Charges to Criket Player Sunil Gavaskar during the month of January to March 2016 exhorbitant amount of Rs. 89 Lakh 75 thousand 297 almost 89 Lakhs was paid to this sportperson who hardly seen doing ligitimate social work. Anyway what kind of Sheet this commentary persons are giving to the public. In India there are number of good English Orators who are having deep knowledge of Cricket are available and all these persons could not have taken such a huge amount of Rs. 90 Lakhs for just 3 months. BCCI as per sources paying normally Rs 35000 to 1 lakh to the commentator but Gavaskar charge 8 times more of this amount it means almost 4 Lakh per day for commentary work. Interestingly cricket matches does not routinely play for entire 3 months at streach despite of this such a huge amount was parted away by officials of BCCI. Pawar Power play Game. Once we noticed we had lodged complaint against such huge amount and sought information to the office of Ombudsman appointed for cricket retired Justice A. P. Shah and though we had not received the reply and later on news published by BCCI that fees of Gavaskar is extremly expensive and then work of commentary was given to some other commentator like Manjrekar or other persons. Let BCCI look after the economic problems of all retired sportsperson so that such huge amount will not go in drain by paying to such Gavaskar. Public must blow as Cricket maches are on. Public Interest by Advocate Anil Bugde.



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