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Frustrated Youth Addicted In Drugs..

All over India most of the enforcement agencies making Raids upon the drug dealers and drug peddlers and do recovered huge quantity of Narcotics from the possession of the various kinds of persons. Narcotics Control Bureau controlled by Central Home Minister Shri. Amit Shah, and public had seen how NCB takes selective action normally upon High Profile Social Persons like son of Shahrukh Khan etc. but all these agencies and even the respective local police though are aware the various consumption sitting joints of young boys and girls to consume drugs are not being getting exposed, we feel it may be kind of inaction by police due to Non Receiving of any Returns from such group of boys and girls who are having fun with smoke and drugs and all these youth normally select the shady, risky and secluded place such as Electric Motor Rooms etc. which are built by agencies like MSEB. And surprisingly though these electric motor rooms are having high powered electric wire and current and other electrical gadgets which are so risky that in case any common person entered into such room and by accidently put the hand on any of those electric wires, the voltage of the said area is so high that the person may get set to fire in no moment.

In Navi Mumbai and we have witnessed in Vashi there are number of Electric Motor Rooms built by MSEB in such a manner that all these electric high voltage room does not have door and no lock and key. There is no maintenance conducted by the MSEB and just because of such loose approach of MSEB officials, young youth at night secretly entered into such electric high voltage room and used the inside place for smoking and consumption of drugs, no doubt some time once in blue moon police catch hold of youth from such place but there is no permanent solution for not to get used of the said Risky place for consumption of smoke and drugs. We have appealed to the Commissioner of Police, Navi Mumbai to take stern action against all those youth who are used the said place for crime and further also request to take action against the officials of MSEB for not looking after the maintenance of such Risky Electric Motor Rooms.

We appeal to the general public that kindly locate all such hidden joints near by your place of residence which are not being used by any government or any agency and take initiative that in case such places are frequently being used for commission of crime by youth for the purpose of smoking and consumption of drugs, do report the matter to the concerned police station and also intimate the inaction of such agency like MSEB who does not look after the safety of such room from the eyes of public. One step of preventing youth from not giving them place for having smoke and consumption of drugs.

Let us work for the betterment of the society.

for public interest by Ad. Anil Bugde.

Ad. Anil Bugde
Ad. Anil Bugdehttps://pil24news.com/
I am Ad. Anil Bugde, Activist Lawyer taking legal issuues concerning larger public interest before the Court of Public and then mobilising Human Power to fight against all inhuman and insensitive approach of the mighty people and shady government agencies.


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