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Delay of not getting Bail in Anti Corruption Case!

Parbhani District News: Deputy Superitendant of Police Rajendra Ramkaran Pal and Police Constable Ganesh Chawan attached with Parbhani District Police at Sailu Division were arrested by officials of Anti Corruption Bureau, Mumbai office in one Crime Register No. 164 of 2021 filed by ACB Mumbai Police Inspector Pravin Bangosavi at Sailu Police Station under section 7 of Prevention of Corruption Act on 24.7.2021 and interestingly in the said trap case original formal complaint of demand of corrupt money was made from one person named Rahul Kasat resident of Sailu, Parbhani, who according to sources had lodged formal complaint of demand of corruption of money against above DySP Pal and the said Kasat had alleged that in one accident case one Crime Register No. 120 of 2021 was registered under section 279,304a of the IPC as one person Suresh Karva was allegedly met with an accident at Sailu and thereafter in the local area one video was made viralled that some alleged conversation were made between the wife of said deceased Karva and one person named Rahul Kasat making out some story that the deceased named Suresh Karva was murdered rathan than met with an any accident and thereafter the said case was investigated further by said DySP Pal who added section 302 IPC in the said pending Crime Register No. 120/2021 and it was the case of the said Rahul Kasat that the said DySP Pal had demanded Rs. 2 crores to screen off him out of the said murder case and therefore after the said demand said Rahul Kasat lodged formal complaint before DGP, ACB, Mumbai who then organised the entire operation from Mumbai, depute the officer Pravin Bangosavi to lodge the complaint and one officer ACP Giri was appointed as IO in the said case. Accordingly ACB Mumbai unit arrested the DySP Pal and his police constable Ganesh Chawan and then they were remanded to Magisterial Custody. Surprisingly though Special Court, Parbhani rejected the bail of these accused but as the officials of ACB, Mumbai could not furnish Charge Sheet within 60 days from the arrest of the above accused these accused preferrred Bail Application before High Court Aurangabad Bench and accordingly the benefit of lapses of ACB and on other grounds the bail application of DySP Pal and his Constable Chawan was granted by High Court on 20.9.2021. It is a matter of cruel destiny of the accused that though they could avail the bail orders from High Court, Aurangabad Bench on 20.9.2021 but the order copy of the said bail order was not signed by the Court since 20.9.2021 till today as source disclosed the presiding officer of the High Court sustained some illness and due to that the assigned steno could not upload or provide authenticate copy to the accused and hence Accused despite of having bail order which was pronounced by the Court in the Open Court on 20.9.2021 but accused could not furnish the same before Jail Authority and hence unable to enjoy the fruits of the said Order. Finally though accused taken advantage of police lapses of not filing charge sheet within 60 days moved Bail Plea though plea is granted but their destiny could not avail the benefit of the bail order of the High Court and hence enjoying their further rest at Local Jail. Funny Law and its Operation. for public interest by Ad. Anil Bugde.



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