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Navi Mumbai Demolition Squad Demolished Innocent Human Being rather than Struture? Mass Murder of Citizen and not a Negligent Acts?

Barbaric acts of the Navi Mumbai Municipal Demolition Squad headed by Patligare in the name of removal of alleged Illegal struture developed by daily bread earners who are working in Unorganised Sector (domestic servants and construction workers standing at the Chowk) and are residents of Nerual, Navi Mumbai despite of staying in their temporary strutures developed by the working class public over the period of time since one decade the local residents informed us that they had faced very serious threats to their lives by the hands of Demolition Squad appointed by the Navi Mumbai Corporation on 25th October 2021, as on the said day when the helpless citizen were organizing their day to day activities had seen that at afternoon session the demolition sqad of Corporation headed by Patligare and local ward officer Dhandhe who had taken Executive Police Escort issued by Encroachment Police Officer Dhamaal and his Guards to demolish the hutments area of the working class citizens but must be not givien security to kill the hutment dweller who are staying on the said area which are according to corporation is illegal place of occupation by these people and hence at about 12.30 to 1pm the Squad of the corporation as per the plea of the local residents without giving them Legal Notice of Eviction or Demolition as contemplated by Mrtp act and Bpmc act by the helps of local police and presence of municipal demololition escort police carried over demolition work with the help of Bulldoser/ JCB machine carried over the said machine over their hutment structure and though the residents were continuously informing the Squad that one person named Bhimrao Kisan Gajbhare is sleepiing in his hut and hence he is required to be removed else will be killed by the acts of such demolition but according to the witnessess the Squad personnel totally ignored the pleas of the residenhts and pushed the Bulldozer/JCB machine over his hut and later on removed the body of the said person from his hut with serious injuries upon his body person and the said person was then removed for alleged treatment at Vashi Municipal Hospital and was died taking admission in the hospital. Surprised though it is serious criminal acts which was carried over at 1pm on 25.10.2021 by the demolition sqad but none of the Squad Personnel had informed the Incident of Crime to the local police station and later on at 7pm one victim resident lady Radha Shankar Sonar and Sanjay Vishwanath Gavane informed the crime at Nerual Police Station and police after 2 hours at 9pm lodged their complaint Vide Cr. No. 385/2021 but again it is mockery of police that they had treated the incident of Criminal Negligence as per section 304 A (punishment of 2 years offence bailable) Indian Penal Code whereas despite of knowing the crime that Squad personnel were knowing the very person was sleeping over there and still they carried out the demolition work with JCB machine driven vehicle over his hut and said person was killed on the spot hence the acts of the Squad personnal were comes under the offence of Culpable Homicide not amounting to Murder as contemplated under section 304 (II) (Punishment of life imprisonment serious offence non bailable) of Indian Penal Code. We the public spirited people appeal to the citizen of this City please come forward and raise United Voice against crime committed by this Public Servcants such as Municipal Demolition Squad and Police Escort personnel jointly and severeally are responsible to the death of innocent citizen who was sole bread earner of his family having 3 small kids and wife, mother and ailing brother and now these public serpents has to face the Music Of Public Outcry. For public interst by Advocate Anil Bugde.



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