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DDLJ Drugs & Demand, Devil Ley Jayega: Ban Political Religious Interference Against Legal Recourse.

Arrest of Shah Rukh son taken away every attention of Plight of Citizen of this State as common people are not able to take the heat of Mehangai as fuel prices are on its peak. Unbearable to sustain human life as people are just slogging to lead their lives. Getting news which are pushed over, bombarded by Paid Media over of not getting bail to Aryan Khan and Wankhede demanded 8 crores of bribe and SRK was asked to shell out 25 crores etc. Politician Mallik and others like Kp Gosai and Prabhakar Sail are making mockery of Law stating Marraige under Special Marraige Act suggest Wankhede is member of Muslim Sect taken advantage of his caste etc whereas under the said law if 2 persons of different religion can be get married without changing their Religion. Wankhede remain Hindu his wife remain Muslim. Where is the question of a person which can be called you are now Converted to other religion. Fake propaganda. Under Special Marraige Act law is liberating individuals from traditional requirements of marriage such as need a brahmin to perform ritual and to follow Saptapadi etc, it only required 2 persons male and female following seperate religion giving 30 days Notice to Public as they are getting married and in case any one has objection then to lodge the same before the office Sub Registrar Marraiges, and then said Marraige is mandatory required to be registered.That’s all.Then now politician Bhujbal also mocked said in case Shah Rukh could have joined BJP then the present drugs case would have become case of sugar powder. What a serious suggestion whether Sugar Powder means Brown Sugar Powder. In market having Two types of Brown Sugar Powder for sale, one is for Consumption and another is for addiction. Let SRK decide what Mr Bhujbal wants to offer by the Camp of BJP? Actually speaking public does not wish to know how Shah Rukh a Muslim married to Gauri Chhibber Hindu/Sikh, but in public domain her name is suggested as Gauri Khan but possibility is more that their Marraige either could have been registered governed under Special Marraige Act or must have performed by his personal law that is Shariat Law 1937. If Muslim married under Special Marraige then Shariat Law is not applicable. Politicians Mallik And Bhujbal poked their Nose in the personal affairs of Wankhede in the investigation of Drug case and why they do not dig out info of Marraige of Shah Rukh and Gauri? And again can raise issue how and why star kid is having name like Aryan or Ariyan. Both names suggest colour of hindu name as well as muslim name. Why do we the public need to know All these bloody shit as we are already worried about how to sustain our lives in Dangerous Pendemic Period. Let the Law takes its own Recourse not interference of bloody Middlemen. Shame on to Indian Paid Media as they have lost their fundamental duties towards public to focus on Public Issues. For public interest by Advocate Anil Bugde.



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