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Discplined Police Officer Trapped or Tracked

Today Asst Commissioner of Police alias Deputy Commissioner of Police appointed at Meghwadi Division, Mumbai Police named Sujata Patil is arrested by office of Anti Corrouption Bureau and crime has been registered vide Crime Register No. 41 of 2021 for the offences punishable under section 7 of the Prevention of Corruption Act. Whether said police officer is corrupt or not is a matter of role of investigation of the ACB office, but we the public are sustained shock to such news as till recently the said lady officer was genuinely or not gloried by the Paid Media of Mumbai and in fact as per the news the police officer was very much keen of maintaining secular kind of culture within in section and since last couple of years more than 30 years during the month of Ramzan used to keep fasting for entire Ramzan Month and gives a very teachings of Oneness to the society. The said officer was also known of her uprightness against police harressment and in fact raised Voice against delinquent police officials of the Mumbai Police as well as of Maharashtra Poice. We hope that her case may not be kind Wanted Police Daku like Sharma, Vaze and Nayak who under the guiuse of Police Uniform killed number of People giving it named as Encounter settling the score at Counter. Let us be united and see that any upright, honest and strait forward Police Officer shall not be booked illegally by any Miscreants of the society at the instance of their rivalry in the police force and also at the behest of having criminal record of any Dirty, Immoral Politicians. for public interest by Advocate Anil Bugde.



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