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Mockery of Dry Day committed by Club?

Hello Umap Saheb, Commissioner of Excise, Mumbai/SP Thane Sangde Saheb, We need ur help to serve public cause as I am regularly seeing on Important National Holidays such as Independence Day/Republic Day/Anant Chaturdashi etc as per Govt norms all the Liquar Shops/ permit rooms/ clubs are having Dry day, whereas surprisingly at Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Navi Mumbai Sports Club (NBSA club) which is a Public Trust Association who had sought land from Cidco at through away prize of @ of Rs 1 sq. ft for looking after social welfare of Navi Mumbai Residents but the said NBSA with the help of alleged FL IV license the club is keeping their Liquar Bar open not for their members on the said Dry Day, but the Source info disclosed that on such dry day hardly any member come to drink Foreign Liquar on the said day but routinely Non Members are fearlessly at the mercy of Local Excise Officials of Navi Mumbai comes to drink Liquar on such dry days and whereas entire Navi Mumbai City and our Country celebrate our Independence Day without having any spirit. Need your urgent intervention to stop this illegal functioning of the Bar which is kept open on Dry Day. As per the British Rule the Foreigners and NRI who used to avail the liquar on such days and being the major source of Revenue then the Government kept the said facility open only for Foreigners and NRI but in post British Rule raskal Indians in the name of having membership of such Club on the auspicious day of INDEPENDENT DAY drinks spirit on in the said Clubs and creat disrespect to the unity of the Indians which is need to be curbed down. Furthermore the said NBSA Club is having Restaurant on ground floor and the Restaurant Contractor one Shetty at the mercy of NBSA Management Commitee fearlessly serve Liquar to all the members and their guests on the entire restaurant floor without having any Permit Room Facility or any license to that effect. As per the sources the said Restaurant Caterers had not made rent of the said restaurant for the period of 2 years which is amounting in Lakhs. Pl need help of your office as Mr.Umap Sir (Excise Commissionerate) already began the action against all such Wrongdoers. Waiting for response. Local politicians Corporator despite of being a life member of the club kept quite for years together and after leaving the company of sitting President of the club now unbearably started barking against the illegality of the club just to garner politicial Milage out the matter which the public gravely desist from doing it on their cost. for public interest by Advocate Anil Bugde.




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