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Lodge Police Complaint on Private Phone?

Public Reaction: Friends as you are aware in our society we the tax payers are paying Huge Tax Amount to the Government to look after the Safety and Welfare of citizens of this State but to your surprise only 10 percent High Class Citizen of the state having Private Numbers of serving Police Officials and 90 percent Common Citizen has to report the Genuine Crime to the police station but do you know how many police station does not have proper Phone receiving facility as their phone numbers which most of the time does not in operation condition or having created some technical fault. Now would like to inform you at Navi Mumbai Police Commissionerate phone numbers of Turbhe MIDC ps and Koperkhairene is not working since many days as same fact is disclosed by Crime Report Officer of Navi Mumbai Police on 9.8.2022 at 5.50 pm and surprisingly when public/citizen/activist eager to report such Anarchy to their concerned DCP Zone 1 Vashi Shri Pansare who instead of taking the complainant in confidence asked all aggrieved person to contact these police station whose phone are not working, in fact these officers does not wish to address the complaints of citizen and it seems mostly busy in their Section to recover Collections. Police Officers posting and particular police station is in Auction. We the citizen of this State need to raise voice and hands against this Modi kind of Dadagiri and need to blow the illegal nexus of police and criminals to secure good Governance in our society. For public interest by Ad. Anil. Bugde.



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