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Ex Parte Interim Anticipatory Bail granted to accused by Court is Misuse of Judicial Power ?

To 1. Shri Rajnish Sheth, IPS, Director General of Police, Maharashtra State, Mumbai 2. Shri Abhinav Deshmukh Saheb, IPS, SP Pune (Rural) Sub: Misuse of power of Anticipatory Bail and dereliction of Public duty by police officials and of public prosecutors, Sir, I am concerned for Public Interest, hereby present you the plea of Citizens and Victims who are subject to human sufferings at the hands of criminals and more often when victim filed FIR against accused at that time either police do not take quick action for to arrest the accused and or accused gets considerable time to file Anticipatory Bail in the Sessions court, accused lawyer then without giving Notice to prosecutor or SP office on the very filing day of the case secured Interim Bail, surprisingly it is Mockery of Justice delivery system that as the Accused though had committed Serious offences against Public present their case in a Planned Manner before the Court and surpringly there is Nobody either Police or Prosecutor to defend the case of Complainant informant against the fake reply of accused and as the case is heard Ex Parte of the accused very easily secured Interim Bail in the matter. Relying upon Criminal Bail Application No 546 of 2022 filed on 5.7.2022 at Sessions Court, Rajgurunagar by the Accused in CR No 148 of 2022 which is pending at Narayangaon Police Station. As per the 2005 amendment of Cr.P.C.the Court is duty bound to issue notice to Prosecutor and SP office but strangely notice is issued only after providing Ex Parte Interim Bail order to the accused. Rule of law is tarnished by following illegal method. The said FIR 148/2022 is a serious case of fraud and forgery of Public Records committed by accused and case was filed by retired public servant on 25.6.2022 at Narayangaon Ps the accused are residing just 500 meters away from PS but were not arrested till 5.7.2022 and then on 5.7.2022 itself all the accused filed their Anticipatory Bail at Sessions Court, Rajgurunagar and surprisingly Court without giving Notice to Prosecutor and SP Pune granted Ex Parte Interim Bail and then once such interim bail order is passed by the court then said order automatically gets confirmed. If such illegal practise continues then victim won’t get justice and would feel more Insecured in the society and other end accused criminal may not have fear of Law and police action. Then police routinely filed Charge Sheet in the case and when trial begins most of the Witnesses turned either Hostile or Prosecutor may not handle the case well, result of this is Clean Acquittal of accused who in fact are involved into Commission of Grave and serious Offence. Serious Public Outcry Police and Prosecutor are not defending the victim complainant well and we hereby plead before your Authority to take quick action in the matter of not allowing Accused to secure Ex Parte Interim Anticipatory Bail and protect the the rights of Citizen Victim. For public interest by Ad. Anil Bugde.



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