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Church of God Is Demolished by “Political Devil”!

Navi Mumbai City seen Politically biased Religiously discriminatory action being organised by ruling Governments Defacto Pricipal Women Minister Wagh at Seawood Sector 48 where Church of God was forcibly Demolished after ignoring their Prayers extending their Helping Hands to needy citizen. which was provided by Chuch of God since 2007 and whereas in contrast in the same locality there are number of other Religious Places which are called Temples, Budha Vihar and Guru Dwara are operating illegally on reserved land of Cidco plot under the brand name of deities such as Aayaappa, Hanuman, Vithal Rukumai, Jagdamba, Shiva, Sasriyakal but Government Serpents only Chose God of Church to impose punishment to God of Church to put hammer upon God of Church to remove the structure shelter of Prayers. .

Surprisingly some of the disgruntled membesr of the society managed to file false complaint against Priest of Bethel Gospel Church who under their legal registered Church carried over their religious and social activities and were looking after the welfare of abandoned mentally ill destitute people who were in fact admitted by Navi Mumbai Police and Church was also providing free education and providing shelter to Children of helpless citizen who were admitted by citizen to get formal education for their children and were and all these people came from various states to admit their children at Church shelter home but due to legal issue the shelter home activities of the church is stopped on account of false complaint being filed against Priest Rajkumar Yesudasan by member of Child Welfare Committee through one alleged victim girl name changed Aparna Singh and in fact when the truth revealed the said victim girl and her mother denied any offence is committed by Church Priest and they even filed Affidavit in the Court and denied the entire allegation of so called sexual harrasment caused upon their said minor girl, who were fact looked after by Church of God as like their daughter by Church Priest along with other children.

Now love and hate movement is on in the City as Cidco official along with Rulling Government Defacto Women Prime Minister Wagh planned to stop Church and religious activities of Bethel Gospel Church in the area which is run at Seawood and surprisingly there are number of other Religious Places such as

  1. Saint Nirankari
  2. Aayaappa Temple
  3. Jagadamba Temple
  4. Budha Vikas Sangh
  5. Saibaba Mandir
  6. Vithal Rukumai Mandir
  7. Khandoba Mandir
  8. Shiv Mandir of Dutta Ghangale BJP Yuva Leader are on at plot 39 plot 46 and all these places run on the Cidco plot of land without having legal authority to occupy the said plot of land as the formal Complaint lodged by the Trustee of Bethel Gospel Church at the office of Chief Controller Unauthorised Construction Cidco Office on 29.8.2022 but No action is taken against these favourable religious places. except Church of God

Now citizen had witnessed selective action of Cidco only against Church of God by using provision of draconian law Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act against only true follower of Church of God but deliberately protected all other illegal religious worship places as stated above which are run illegally by various Political Trustees on Cidco reserved plot. Are we living in a Secular Socialist Democratic State run by BJP where cruel pick and chose policy is adopted by Government to demolish Feeling of citizen to demolish only Church of God and spare others Place of God.

For public interest by Ad. Anil Bugde

Ad. Anil Bugde
Ad. Anil Bugdehttps://pil24news.com/
I am Ad. Anil Bugde, Activist Lawyer taking legal issuues concerning larger public interest before the Court of Public and then mobilising Human Power to fight against all inhuman and insensitive approach of the mighty people and shady government agencies.


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