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Police Assaulted By Hotel Owner: Public Life Insecure at Navi Mumbai.

Mockery of Police power shown at Navi Mumbai, recently public came across on 14.12.22 at night about 11pm some police staff of Koperkhairne Police Station visited one Jagadamba Hotel at near by to their police station for having some dinner and as per the sources “there was some dispute raised by those police staff with regards to quality of food item served by said hotel and therefore the issue raised by police was not accepted liked by said Hotel staff and hence hotel staff connivance with one another put the shutter of the hotel closed and then they severely assaulted those police men by using some deadly things”. The said incident severely shook the lives of citizen of Navi Mumbai. Whether normal member of public can be safe in Navi Mumbai? Surprisingly senior police officer only registered minor case FIR No 522/2022 on behalf of poor assaulted Police Naik one Sable on 15.12.2022 for the offences punishable under section 326, 341, 323, 504, 506 r/w 34 IPC but in fact it was an attack on Police Personnel who is 24 hours on duty but their police station had not registered an offence of Attempt to Murder 307 IPC and no offence of assault on Public Servant was also imposed against hotel owner and their Hotel staff and simply shown to public that offence is registered. In Contrast one Social Worker simply threw Pen Ink upon Bjp Minister who known as “Champa” and Fadanvis Police hurriedly registered case of Attempt to Murder 307 IPC against said person. In fact people have discussed it is good Fadanvis Police had not registered case for outraging the modesty of “Champa” 354 IPC. We can come across anything from this Hybrid Government. Now people start organising their Resources to protect their lives and hard-earned assets by engaging Private Goons and loving third gender group who can tackle such high influence public politician gangs. No one is safe in this state of anarchy. For public interest by Ad. Anil Bugde.

Ad. Anil Bugde
Ad. Anil Bugde
I am Ad. Anil Bugde, Activist Lawyer taking legal issuues concerning larger public interest before the Court of Public and then mobilising Human Power to fight against all inhuman and insensitive approach of the mighty people and shady government agencies.


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