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Game of Crime Detection: lodged the complaint On One Hand and take away Your Stolen Articles On the Other Hand

Funny and Suspicious Crime And thereafter crime Detection which had taken place at Narayangaon Police Station on 1.4.2022 as the Story of Crime detection which was released by the police officials of LOCAL CRIME BRANCH OF SP PUNE RURAL through the hands of You Tubers Nasty News Gang who shoot the news of Narayangaon Police Station in the presence of LCB officials and staff of Narayangaon Police Station and in the said Crime Detection News which it seems was presented none other than one Advocate Kolhe, who claimed by him as Renouned Farmer and also Renouned Advocate of Narayangaon, who purposefully praising the actions of the success of Crime Branch Detection Case who had recovered some Electric Water Motors and Cables of some farmers on 1.4.2022 from the hands of local theives. The case of the said Farmer Advocate Kolhe is very Funny and Suspicious as he said when he was addressing the crime news to the public by the support of police who was stating therein that he being a farmer whose Electric Water Motor was stolen from his farm on 22.03.2022 and thereafter till the day of detection of the crime which takes place on 1.4.2022 by the hands of LCB and Narayangaon Police, this Farmer Advocate only God knows had not lodged any FIR of theft of his Electric Water Motor to the police till time of detection of common crime of theft by the officials of LCB on 1.4.2022 and it seems after disclosure of the recovery of number of Electric Water Motors by the police on 1.4.2022, it seems suddenly and strangely the said Renouned Advocate and Farmer Kolhe had pleasurely lodged his FIR No. 68 of 2022 on 1.4.2022 for the offences punishable under section 379 of IPC, the said FIR was filed after the delay of 10 days whereas Narayangaon Police Station is just 10 minutes drive from his place of residence. Is’nt it Surprised to know the funny story of Renouned Advocate Farmer. When we enquired of the matter with local Farmers it is true story that cases of theft had taken place of stealing their water electric motors from their farm and some of them had filed complaints to the police True and Dedicated farmers had raised their issues of stolen of their Electric Water Motors such as one Bhaskar Khebde who genuinely lodged complaint of theft of his water motor on 31.3.2022 vide FIR No. 67 of 2022. Qestion remained to be answered that when serious cases of Theft are taking place of this Renouned Farmers why do they keep quite for number of days and not registering their complaint at police station and when police detects the crime Suddently all these farmers wake up and lodged their complaints of theft and now are in the process of receiving the stolen Water Electric Motors from the hands of police. For public interest by Ad. Anil Bugde.



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