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Police Press of Local Crime Branch led by Private Advocate who normally appeared for Criminal Accused. Isn’t it New Year Double Gift!

Date: 03.04.2022 To, 1.Abhinav Deshmukh, IPS, SP, Pune (Rural) 2. ADG,(Law & Order) 3. Rajnish Sheth, DGP, Mumbai Sir: By Illegal manner holding Press Conference and glorifying Advocate Kolhe who normally defends accused (criminal) now seen in the news of video seeing leading the police team disclosing the crime detected by Police Officials of Local Crime Branch (LCB) Police at the premises of नारायणगाव पोलिस स्टेशन, Pune, by the Officials of Local Crime Branch attached with SP Pune (Rural) Sir, We are Activist and Lawyers brings to ur attention the enclosed You Tube News created on 2.3.2022 by one Zanzawat so called news portal showing Press Conference organised at the premises of Narayangaon Police Station on 2.3.2022 and in the said Press Note one Advocate Kolhe who normally appeared for accused in the matter seeing, leading the Police Press and disclosing cases of Electric Water Electric Moter thefts detected by officials of Local Crime Branch and to our grave surprised, how the Private Person like Ad Kolhe can be entertained by the Police in this fashion who normally having keeping fruitful relation with local police station as it may be easy for him of receiving Easy Cases of accused criminals through the Police Source which was the great concerned for Bar Council and for Law enforcement agency and hence in fact orders are passed to stop and note the conduct of any Advocates having Police Nexus of promoting Unethical Legal Practice if any conducted by the persons. As per the Police Manual the disclosing the crime and detection of cases is rest with the concerned Police Incharge Officials but in the present case it seems Police are taking order from this very Advocate Kolhe. Which need to stopped and appropriate action may be proceeded against all concerned failing which the subject matter will be brought to the notice of Hon’ble High Court. For public interest by Ad. Anil Bugde.



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