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Comedy of IPS officer, May appoint Constabulary as Incharge of the Police Station: Police Rank High High!

Dumbre Saheb IPS ADG SID, Maharashtra State, Good Morning, for public interest and to protect the police officers who are in charge of police station getting posting as per their work ability and seniority and officer who are now holding legal charge of ps are abruptly under the alleged Summery Power if in charge Sp of the section appoint any PI as in charge of the said police station which is not having Sanctioned Post of PI but the said ps is having Sanctioned post of API. But as per the sources there is no GR or legal sanction to upgrade the post from API to PI of the said police station. Allegedly PI has bribed the SP office and he accomodated him to the said ps as PI in charge First time in history. Saheb it is the case of our Narayangaon Ps. I need to have available legal info from the DG poll of the said ps. RTI will be followed. For public cause. Regards by Ad. Anil Bugde



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