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Narayangaon Police Station called for Sach Narayan Pooja for post of PI

Police Inspector Vilas Deshpande who was appointed in September 2021 as Incharge of Narayangaon Police Station sought extention to carry on his job at Narayangaon Police Station for the further period of 2 year and 6 months he infact had filed Writ Petition in the High Court which was heard by the High Court on 24.12.2021 and passed an Order that the retirement of PI Deshapande is subject otooutcome of his Petition. It means no Stay of any MAT order and further more he has to hand over charge once he attainds his retirement service.record age on 31.12.2021. As per sources it has revealed that SP office accepted request of this PI who had approached the office in the month of September 2021 and pleaded that he is retiring on 31.12.2021 hence let him serve as PI for 4 months at Narayangaon Ps. Legally speaking the Narayangaon Police Station does not have Sanctioned Post of Police Inspector it has post of API Asst. Police Inspector but it reveals SP office under good faith used it’s Summery Power and recommended this officer as PI of that police station by seeking the order from the office of Additional Director General of Police (Establishment) and incidentally ADG office issued orders to PI and concerned API to take charge of the said police station. Finally it is a matter of Rule of Law which is now prevail as the PI Deshpande who was in charge at Narayangaon Police Station was Illegally holding post of incharge officer as the said police station as it does not have Sanctioned Post of PI. We request to the office of Home Ministry and DG office be kind enough to see the Parameters and guidelines issued by Law to upgrade the post and kindly do not demoralised the police officials who are holding their charge legally as by way of such acts public may not have faith upon the functioning of the Enforcement Machinery whereas Rule of Law is being violated. For public interest by Ad. Anil Bugde.



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