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Nusiance on Public Road by Poster Touts

Date: 16.11.2021 To 1. Santosh Patil, Encroachment Office Suptd (Recovery) C Ward, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 2. DMC Vashi Division, 3. DMC Encroachment. 4. Municipal Commissioner, NMMC, Navi Mumbai. Sub: Illegal hoardings being put up on the Palm Beach Road close to compound of St Lawrence High School, Vashi . We are concerned for Clean And Green Navi Mumbai today had seen huge poster hoarding is displayed on the parellel of Palm Beach Road corner of St Lawrence School Vashi by some body and by such act the other image the clean image of our City at risk, pl ensure the legality of poster hoarding and if is illegal shall be removed forthwith with imposimg cost under BPMC Act 1949 against wrong doers.For public interest Ad Anil Bugde. Cc copy of image and location of said hoarding.



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