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Anti Corruption Bureau Nabbed Crime Branch Officer after Marathon Chase and Crime Branch Officer chasing Crime Branch officer showing Rat Chase.

What a filmy life style of Crime Branch Officer Anand Bhoir who was attached with Crime Branch Unit 10 of Famaous Crime Branch Office at Andheri, Mumbai and the said Police Officer is recently arrested by Anti Corruption Bureau, Mumbai while accepting Rs. 22,00,000/- twenty two lakhs, what a big amount from the person who run alleged scrupulous liquar business. Though said Police inspector booked under serious case suspended for short period and then by the blessings of Udhav Sarkar reinstated him in service. Fukc the bloody law. What a game of Almighty, one criminal chase another criminal and then both of them land up in Hell. It seems same thing is the story of the present case. After all who will take care of the welfare of general public, at one side public need to pay their hard earned money by way of filing Tax Returns to Government and another side to relieve their pain against Government Apathy towards their Genuine Issues ignored by the Governement, members of the public do spend some time to sip up some alchohole at night, but which is also not getting them genuine but to get some sort of spurious drinks which they consume and same is stored by the tainted Liquar Shop Owners. Excise Officers of the Government of Maharashtra hardly seen of taking any action agianst Liquar Mafias and wrong doers but in fact The Commissioner of Excise, Shri. Umap IAS extended his vigilance team and of his own office staff led action and caught hold of Liquar Mafias and also smashed the Connivance of excise officers with criminal intent in such a way that said Commissioner recently suspended entire team of Excise Unit situate at Narayrangaon, Pune and booked all these corrupt excise officers of their nexus with criminals. But In the case of Anand Bhoir no such action is being taken against Liquar Mafias by Excise Dept. And in other case Corrupt and Criminal minded Police Inspector Om Wangate involved in Dacoity and Extortion case taken place at L. T. Marg Police Station itself, Mumbai is still not yet arreted by the dare devil Crime Branch Investigation Officer ACP Shri. Sandbhor. We public hereby put our strong protest that Equal Treatment of taking legal action should be taken against all Corrupt and Criminal Minded Police Officers and then why the Investigation Officer of the above case is still not make out any effort to lay his hands to the office of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Saurabh Tripathi Zone II of Mumbai Police against whom as per the news Angadies of mumbai had already levelled serious corrupt charges as he used to demand Rs. 10,00,000/- to be paid by them to the said officer on every month as a Monthly Protection Money. Waiting to hold breath now Let us see the action of New Commissioner of Police Shri Pandey whether he can make some crucial changes in the Annaul Confidential Report of these officers. For public interest by Ad. Anil Bugde.



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