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FIR To Be Registered against Police Officers serving at Juhu Police Station, Mumbai

Date: 20.03.2022 To, 1. Rajnish Sheth, IPS, Director General of Police, Maharashtra State, Mumbai 2. Sanjay Pandey, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Brihan Mumbai City, Mumbai 3. Additional Chief Secretary, Ministry of Home, Mantralaya, Mumbai 4. R.R. Khan, First Class Judicial Magistrate, 10th Metropolitan Magistrate Court, Andheri, Mumbai. Sir, on 10th of March 2022 the learnerd Magistrate 10 th Court, Andheri presided by Presiding Officer R.R. Khan issued Direction to Senior Police Inspector Juhu Police Station Sudhakar Shirsat to register FIR against some delinquent police officers whose names are as 1. PI Pandit Thorat 2. PSI Lambhate 3. Sr. P. I. Abhay Shastri 4. API Nandkumar Kelaskar 5. PI Ajinath Satpute 6. PI Chalke 7. WSI Varsha Jadhav 8. Sr. PI Sunil Ghosalkar 9. WSI Vijaya Gawade as the criminal complaint was lodged by Member of Public who is complainant before the court named Prakash Seth had filed criminal case at 10th Court of Metropolitan Magistrate at Andheri vide case no Misc Case 1 of 2022 and upon hearing the case the Hon’ble Court passed an order on 10.3.2022 under section 156 (3) of the Criminal Procedure Code to register FIR against the above police officials but till date 20.3.2022 Juhu Police Station not even registered the FIR against these Police Officers and disobeyed the Mandate Direction of the Court to FORTHWITH to register FIR in such matter but as more than 10 days are passed but the concerned Juhu Police Station in charge officer breached the said order and not yet complied in true spirit. In fact. Whereas in the Navi Mumbai Police Commissionerate, in the month of Feb 2014 similar kind of such issue raised as Member of Public had filed complaint at Court and then Learnerd Magistrate of Panvel Court directed Vashi Police Ststion to register FIR against then Commissioner of Police, Javed Ahmad and Deputy Commissioner of Police Purushottam Karhad and therefore Vashi Ps मू पो से officers quickly complied the order of filing FIR against IPS officers but now in the present case only Mumbai Police Seva officers मू पो से are involved so we the public strongly felt local Juhu Police Station police are not acting upon the directions of the court as till date no FIR registered and it seems had given go free hand to these Police Officers run away to obtain Pre Arrest Bail (anticipatory bail) in the matter so that virtually all these officers will be later on mechanically shown arrested and then they will again serve to public to kill the insticts of fighting spirit of Public Spirited persons. In the present case the police officers of Juhu Police Station had not discharged their official duties against the complaint filed by the daughter of the complainant way back on 27.2.2018 and hence all the police officers who were in charge of the matters are being roped as Accused in the case. Sigh of relief to all and everyone that the genuine complaints of Women in Distress and plight of citizens won’t be ignored by police. Let Mumbai Police learn The Big Lesson. For public interest by Ad. Anil Bugde.



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