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Controversial IPS (Indian Politicians Service) Pandey now Installed as Commissioner of Bombay Versus Non Controversial Clean Clever Rajnis Seth IPS forced by Highest Court is gracefully posted as DGP Maha State

State of Maha Rashtra nowdays does not seems to follow “Rules of Law” but it seems in a routine practise fearlessly Exploit the preoregative Powers of “Rules of Business” conferred by our Constitution as per the Wishes and Desire of their Bloddy Shady Politicians who are rulling the State in the name of Democracy. Our Maha State was not having Full Fledged Director General of Police to lead the police force but State had as per their Choice broken the Directives of Law issued by Supreme Court in the case of Prakash Singh. As per the law every state must have full fledged DGP but since April 2021 to till 18 Feb 2022 our State Police was handed over in the hands of police officer named Pandey at the behest of the politicians of Udhav Pawar Walshe Sarkar and it seems reason behind was that the said officer had booked earlier Hero Commissioner Paramdhir who was serving for Powar Group but as public knew public servants in our State are disloyal to public RTI borned they can not be loyal to Udhav Pawar Sarkar and more often these public servants are acting as Public Serpents and suck the blood of TaxPayers hardearned money.. When the said Hero Commissioner invited Sachya Waje for to extort money from members of public and from business group like Ambanies and others and even from dance bar owners, Selective Public and media close to Modi Sarkar then raise alarm and then Paramdhir and Sachya booked for offences of Extortion and murder etc and then start the marathon run chase of Commissioner versus Home Minister Deshmukh. Game played by Udhav and Modi Sarkar. Anyway after reading story of such a Criminal minded Commissioner now same State has appointed IPS officer Pandey who was appointed as defacto DGP against the law then our public members moved their plea before Highest Court and in the said litigation Judges of Highest Court made observation as published by Media that thIs Maha State how FROM OUT OF THE WAY in order to retain and appoint said Pandey IPS as full fledged DGP for the state and then state upgraded his gradings in the ANNUAL CONFIDENTIAL REPORT (ACR) and therefore Highest Court observed “such an Officer should never be considered for the post of Director General of Police” such a shocking revelation and then now this Maha State knowing well the ACR of officer Pandey again breached the law and installed him as the Commissioner of Mumbai Polish. Clean non controversial low profile 1988 Batch IPS Seth on merit should has been appointed as The Commissioner for Mumbai. But anyway the said officer by force of Law has been appointed for the Decorative DGP post to lead Maha State Police. Upsc though recommended IPS Nagrule being so called senior most IPS can be next DGP but sources revealed that he was not ready to vacate the Lucrative chair of CP Mumbai and then as destiny of these officers and politicians are known such officer was not appointed as DGP of the State just due to further outcry of public over Policemen invovled in Dacoity and Extortion Cases in his regime What a mockery of law and no Rule of Law of the state affair. For public interest by Ad. Anil Bugde.



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