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ST Strike Illegal: High Court

War Against the State of Maharashtra has been began by the illegal acts of Unions of ST drivers and conductors at the behest of illegal advise of Advocates and vested interest Politicians. Due to such illegal strike which is continuing since last 3 months hence People of Maharashtra are acutely suffering as their day to day work are totally disrupted due to Non Availibilty of Public Transport Means, now present situation is Worst than of Covid pandemic. High Court though initiated Contempt action against bus conductors and drivers but their Advocate informed to court that they are not on Strike but as some of union members died hence entire ST staff is having Dukhavata hence not working. What a shameful and dishonest submission. It’s funny High Court still not taken stern action against ST Union person like Ajaykumar Gujjar etc. who deliberately instigated the ST drivers and conductors not to work and as a result We People of Maharashtra are suffering and not able to do our daily pursuits. In a history of legal action we have not seen such a lenient view against Wrong doers who day and night abused the law and had started War against the State and are moving freely in the society in the name of Strike and are causing hardship to the members of public. Hence State of Maharashtra does not have Rule of Law and Government is unable to protect the Rights of Citizen and is unable to look after the Welfare of the People of Maharashtra. For public interest by Ad. Anil Bugde.



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