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Tirupati Temple Trustee Raided and Black Money worth Rs. 100 Crores and Gold worth of 120 Kg recovered by Income Tax Sleuths.

Tirupati Temple famous and known for spending free time and to clean up your bad elements committed against the society by people who pretending to be religious just offering Black Money and Gold and Diamond articles under the guise of Religious Citizens but in fact such people are most deaded criminals in Holy Uniform of this nation. God is not the Temple but is in your mind is spiritual taught by many Saints of this Nation. In the case of Trustee fraud of Tirupati Temple now Public sustained grave shock as there are 18 Trustee Members of the Tirupati Temple and just one out of 18 trustee of the temple one who was caught red handed at Madras by the raid of Income Tax in Dec 2016 and the offcials recovered amount of Rs. 100 Crores and gold articles worth of 120 Kg amount in crores from the house and office of the Tirupati Temple Trustee named J. Shekhar @ sekar Reddy. Despite of the said raid in Dec 2016 the people of this nation does not learnt a lesson to whether to offer any offerings to such trust or not which is in the net of Income Tax. The legal team of the said Trustee exercised all their efforts as having Huge Public Funds in their hands to contest the legal case of the Trustee J Shekhar and at great level even succeeded to dismissed the cases of Anti Corruption Bureau of CBI and Enforcement Agencies but to the good news to protect public funds officials attached with Money Laundering Section of the ED prepared the Criminal Report that this Trustee during the time of Demonitization converted the old cash into new currency and hence case of money lanudering was lodged in 2016 and later on the legal team of Trustee Shekhar Reddy approached the Madras High Court to quash the proceedings but could not succeed and thereafter the said legal team of the Trustee Reddy filed Special Leave to Appeal (Cri) Petition No. 8305 of 2021 before the Supreme Court of India on 26.11.2021 and moved the case before the bench comprising Justice Vineet Saran and Justice Aniruddha Bose and argued the case, surprisngly on record the appearances of Government Legal Officer has not been seen and the legal team of the Trustee secured Stay of the PMLA (prevention of money laundering act) money laundering case filed by Enforcement Directorate of Central Government for the period of 4 weeks, its means the stay order is in force just till the date of 24.12.2021 but it seems due to Chistmas Holidays to the Supreme Court now public is eager to know whether the Government of India and its concerned Agencies will wake up to deal with the Huge Corrupt Money/Black Money possessed by the said Trustee of the Tirupati Temple before the Supreme Court of India on most effective way else Public at large having religious faith upon a deaity may loose in due course. Andhra Pradesh Government mechanically not enroled Trustee Shekhar Reddy in latest formed committe, but no action was taken by their end. We call upon to all Indian Citizen kindly raise your voice and protest of such illegal activities of the Trustee of the Tirupati Temple as there are many Legal Issues of Famous Temples such as Sai Baba Temple, Sidhivinak Temple are now discussed on the Street. For public interest by Ad. Anil Bugde.



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