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Serious Doubts Over Creation of New Pargaon Police Station, at Pune District and retaining the said API of the police station within the area of Shirur Parliamentary Constituency by the hands of heavy local politicians, throwing the Directives/Circular of Election Commission of India dated 21.12.2023 into the Waste Box?

In Pune District there is located one police station named Manchar Police Station which was having large area of villages to cover and we feel as the news also suggest that some 22 villages which were located at extreme ends of the said police station, and their said villagers and local politicians then State Home Minister Walse Patil decided to have their own police station which was to be split from Manchar Police Station. And thereafter the Government of Maharashtra during the tenure of Walse Patil, Cabinet Home Minister and who is also the resident Ambegaon Legislative Assembly located to near of Manchar Police Station, and on account of alleged appeal of 22 villages, the Government was sanctioned a New Police Station for the said area. In the said vicinity talks of serious political rivalry is already known between Walse Patil MLA NCP and Shivajirao Adhalrao, former MP and now Leader of Shiv Sena. Now at present filmy artist reel role played of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj named Dr. Amol Kolhe is serving as the Member of Parliament of Shirur Parliamentary Constituency.

Though the new Pargaon police station was sanctioned and even it was named as Pargaon Police Station but as per sources there was some government apathy of funds allocation and other issues etc to get the said Police Station in function, and as nothing was going ahead in favor of opening of the new police station hence local villages were lost faith over the loose of approach of the government.

Suddenly on 22.06.2022 as per the news, Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi Government collapsed as the Main Leader of Shiv Sena Eknath Shinde became the rebel leader and then CM Udhav Thackeray resigned from the post of Chief Minister. Surprisingly on 24.06.2022 itself information revealed that new Pargaon Police Station was inaugurated by the hands of local Deputy S.P. and other politicians. Whereas the job of inauguration of new Police Station like Pargaon was in the hands of then Home Minister Walse Patil who is resident and Member of Legislative Assembly of Ambegaon Constituency of Pargaon Police Station.

Though the Government of Maharashtra had not given a plot of land and also not given a building to run the said Pargaon Police Station but out of some political will the appointed API of the said police station started functioning of the police station from the local Pargaon Gram panchayat Rest House consisting of 3BHK house and there after the police officials were used to run from Manchar Police Station to the place of Pargaon Police station for serving the people. With the help of local villagers now some 100 gunthas land is allocated for setting up a new Police Station Building. Question is asked what was the need of suddenly inaugurate the said police station on 24.6.2022 without having Infrastructure of the Police Station and after collapsed of Government.

Then Assistant Police Inspector named Thatte was appointed as the IN CHARGE OF PARGAON POLICE STATION who in fact already served his service within the Legislative Assembly of Ambegaon at the jurisdiction of police station named Manchar Police station, Ghodegaon Police Station, and then the present Pargaon Police Station. All the thinking tank were raising doubt over to retain the same API to serve for the local Legislative Assembly of Ambegaon for the period of more than 5 years.

Now on 21.12.2023 on account of forthcoming Lok Sabha Election the office of Election Commission of India issued Directive/Circulars/Orders for forthwith transfer of Police Officials who have already served more than 3 years in the particular police station of any District need to be transferred to some other District.

Surprisingly though the Directives of Election Commission of India is in existence but the office of SP Pune Rural District it seems of under the local politicians influence the said API of Pargaon Police Station is mechanically transferred to the adjoining area of Otur Police Station which is in fact comes under the ONE PARLIMENTARY CONSTITUENCY NAMED SHIRUR. Hence the public spirited person comes forward and raising their voice that Favor of Partiality should not be given to any police officers and every public office like IGs, SPs of the Pune District must follow and adhere the strict Directives/Orders of the Election Commission of India as stated in their Circular dated 21.12.2023, failing which people of this State feel that at day night the Politicians and Bureaucrat of Pune District which are in hand in glove causing brutal murder of the principles of Democracy and would not allow to have free and fair Lok Sabha election in the Shirur Parliamentary Constituency. While seeing the over all view of police officials transfer at the instance of circular of Election Commission of India, most of the API of police Station who have already completed 3 years of service in a particular police station are already transferred to other District. But the case of API Thatte of Pargaon Police Station is remained to be serious Mystery.

In the premises mystery over the quickly opening of the said Pargaon Police Station without having any Infrastructure is remained to be unanswered. And despite of serving for long 5 years of API Thatte at the Ambegaon Legislative Assembly and at Pargaon Police Station he again now being transferred for serving the law and order issue at Otur Police Station which is within the Parliamentary Constituency of Shirur and within the District of Pune and hence there is serious talk being spread that some local NCP strong former Minister is likely to contest Lok Sabha Election from the Shirur Parliamentary Constituency and hence it is some sort of making arrangement of getting security before hand from local Assistant Police Inspector who is likely to be controlled the entire are of voter population.

On 08.03.2024 for the cause of public interest Ad. Anil Bugde had lodged the formal complaint to the office of Election Commission of India and at the office of Director General of Police to look into the subject matter and act according to law and comply the directives of Election Commission of India dated 21.12.2023 in the matter of police officials transfer in forthcoming Lok Sabha Election in the State of Maharashtra.

Issued for Public Interest by Ad. Anil Bugde

Ad. Anil Bugde
Ad. Anil Bugde
I am Ad. Anil Bugde, Activist Lawyer taking up legal issues concerning larger public interest before the Forum of Public and also before the Court of Law and then mobilizing Human Power Organization to fight against all inhuman and insensitive approach of the mighty people and shady government agencies for the interest of Common Man, and also continuously striving for to see the Rule of Law is existing in the Society.


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