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Police Station Adda: Gang of Dacoity, Extortion committed by Police Officers.

Date : 25.02.2022

To, 1. Shri. Udhav Thakre, Chief Minister, Mantralaya, Maharashtra,

2. Shri. Dilip Walse Patil, Home Minister, Mantralaya, Maharashtra

Hello Ministers, what is happening in Mahrashtra and especially in Mumbai. People are disgusted, disturbed and now became violent against the illegal actions and extortion racket run by Police Officers from the police station itself. On 19.2.2022 police officer at the rank of Additional Commissioner of Police Shri. Dilip Raghunath Savant, South Central Region, Mumbai upon the serious outcry of public forced to file Crime Register No. 0059 dated 19.2.2022 against the Senior Police Officers attached with L. T. Marg Police Station, Mumbai named Police Inspector (Crime) Om Wangate, Asst Polilce Inspector Nitin Kadam, Police Sub Inspector Samadhan Jamdage for the offences committed by these Police officers at the Police Station itself for the offences punishable under section 392 Dacoity, 384 Extortion, 341 Kidnapping, 34 common intention. It is the case of the public and the FIR of AddCp Shri. Savant that these police officers during the period of 2.12.2021 to 5.12.2021 as number of businessmen involved in Gold Market situate at Pofalwadi and Mumba devi are were illegally kidnapped by these police officers and all these police officers had illegally extorted money from their possession. After through enquiry and inquiry case was registered against these 3 police officers only whereas there are number of Station House Officers are involved in the matter. Subsequently only 2 police officers were arrested but Police Inspector (Crime) Om Wangate is still at large deliberately not arrested by the police. We the public hereby lodged our protest and raise voice against all concerned police officials who under the guise of police uniforms instead of protecting the lives of the citizens are indulged into such kind of serious crime of Extortion and Dacaity at the cost of public life are need to be severely punished according to law. Rule of Law has been broken by the enforcement agency as they does not have proper supervision overlook and no fear of law and of law makers. Though such kind of crime is not taken place at first time it is the routine practise of shady Police Officers but in the said area what the hell of Senior Police Officers are doing, are they does not have legal duty to routinely supervise upon the duties of such shady police officers, in the said police station office of Asst. Commissioner of Police, Pythoni Division is situated one Sameer Shaikh is the ACP of that division and Shri Saurabh Tripathi, IPS the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Zone II is appointed to look after the affairs of these police station, but all these officers had fostered by the public through the hard earned tax money and their presence is not seen on record. But it seems day and night before the presence of these Senior police officers these shady Police Officers bravely committing serious offences under the guise of police uniform against the Innocent Citizen of this State. We demand that all these officers should be arrayed as associates of crime committed by shady police officers. Shame on all these concerned Supervisory Officers and Minister in charge. Govt only shown transfer of DCP Saurabh Tripathi but what about Senior Police Officer and ACP of said Pythoni Division crime is normally fostered by blessings of Senior Police Officers. In fact Commissioner of Police Shri Nagrale had lost his grip over maintaining to keep Honest and Dicipline police force in action. Distruction is unvoidable. For public interest by Ad. Anil Bugde.



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