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PM Safari and Mock Drill For Deadly Toll tax. What A Real Setu The Bridge For Corrupt Babus and Dirty Politicians.

Shameful and raising Voice against Corrupt Government approach to the plight of fellow citizens who lawfully accept the harassment and normally gives Nod to the mischievous handling of politicians to their Public Affair. On 11th January 2024 at about 3.30pm the Special Police Force and local police organized Mock Drill at Navi Bambai to see safety measures for the lives of PM and his group and for that purpose these Special Police literally block the main road at Ulva and diverted the main road traffic via a small lane and literally blocked the vehicular movement at Ulva for more than 1 hour 30 minutes, we have witnessed the plight of citizens but as usual None of the Citizens came out of their vehicle and raised voice against the might special police force who protect the lives of PM.

Anyway the PM battalion in fact came to inaugurate the Highly Costly constructed brigde which is so called link between Bambai to Navi Bambai, in fact the road bridge entry starts at Shivree and ends at Chirle outskirt of Raigad District and at no stretch the real Navi Bambi guys will be benefited by this brigde. Though the said Setu got inauguated on 12th Jan but the Babus and police force literally restricted fellow public not to have access on the said brigde Setu on the said day and even at night, just due to next day onwards the MMRDA and its agents declared the Exorbitant Toll Rates in Thousands for using the said Setu.

MMMRA who constructed the said Setu had published the Setu info on the Wikipedia and had declared that Rs. 200 will be charge for one way user of the Setu but on the visit of Dashing Darling PM MMRDA changed its Toll Rate from Rs. 200 to Rs. 250 handsome Rs. 50 hike to get it benefitted to the Welfare of bloody Public Serpents of this Nation.

We the public spirited Citizens of this State raising Question at whose benefit the said Setu is being constructed, can a Normal Citizen, Low Income Group Citizen, Middle Income Group Citizen, Higher Middle Income Group Member can afford to pay Rs. 250 Toll Tax for ONE WAY to use the Setu to travel from Navi Bambai to Bambai. What a pathetic welfare of this useless voters who blindedly cast their VOTE to such Politicians who does not have SPACE FOR COMMON MEN.

For public interest by Ad. Anil Bugde

Ad. Anil Bugde
Ad. Anil Bugdehttps://pil24news.com/
I am Ad. Anil Bugde, Activist Lawyer taking legal issuues concerning larger public interest before the Court of Public and then mobilising Human Power to fight against all inhuman and insensitive approach of the mighty people and shady government agencies.


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