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Karma of Shahrukh had to pay by his Son Arayan: Destiny of Narcotics?

Karma of Rude and Adamant Nature of Pathan Shahrukh had to pay cost tby his Son Aryan but not to blame for bloody Filmy “Rahul”: We Indians do believe in Karma sometime, sinful actions of one generation pass on to pay to next generation but nowadays if father commits wrong his children need to pay for it Destiny waits to take you there. Latest incident of alleged Crime of Aryan in Narcotics matter held on Cruise in Arabian Sea and why this star son may be having habit of attending rave parties on Cruize/Boats. Reason look like very simple as his father owns Yacht/small boat and he used to often organise his on going parties at his Alibaug Estates. As per sources in 2017 he along with his friends were going to Alibaug by his Yacht and his Yacht was decked at Gateway of India and reason unknown Shahrukh was delaying his boarding and meanwhile his fans were waiting for his glimpse of picture. Due to delay of Sharukh other boats and passengers were stranded in their boats. Meanwhile Alibaug Member of Legislative Council Jaywant Patil was waiting on his boat and was in hurry also stranded in his boat as Yacht of Shahrukh was on the deck at Gateway hence Patil shouted at Sharukh and asked him to hurry up as other public is waiting to travel but it seems Shahrukh took some time and said news was extensively speculated. Similarly his son Aryan had seen such luxury life of father Shahrukh on Yacht hence he must have tends to copy such life along with filmy Spoil Kids, having with them deadly Ban Narcotic Drugs and substance. Vicious circle completed escape of Sharukh and Arrest of Aryan. Game of Destiny. For public interest by Ad Anil Bugde.



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