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“Encounter Specialist” Police Inspector Pradip Sharma encountered for Life Imprisonment by the Grace of Highest Court of law.

Police Inspector Pradip Sharma attained notability as an “encounter specialist” with the Mumbai Encounter Squad and was involved with the deaths of as many as 312 criminals. On 31 August 2008 he was suspended from the Mumbai police on charges of corruption but was reinstated on 16 August 2017 after he was proven innocent of those charges then finally convicted for life imprisonment on 19.03.2024.

Fame of fake success does not remained for long time as destiny takes the person to meet his evil acts with silence speed and that is what happened by seeing the order of the Hon’ble High Court, Bombay dated 19.03.2024 where 2 Criminal Appeals were pending for disposal which were filed against Acquittal order as was issued against Police Inspector Pradip Sharma in the matter of fake encounter (Custodial Death ) in the death case of one person named Ramnarayan @ Lakhanbhaiya who was allegedly a member of Chota Rajan Gang.

As per the prosecution case Squad of Pradip Sharma Police Officer Crime Branch abducted and kidnapped and taken the physical custody of the said Ramnarayan and one person named Anil Bheda from the place of Vashi, Sector 9A, Navi Mumbai on 11.10.2006 and then the team of Pradip Sharma have taken the said person to Bhandup Complex then to D. N. Nagar Ps and then they took him to Nana Nani chowk, Andheri by separate vehicles. Then the Pradip Sharma and his team killed the said Ramnarayan and kept the said Bheda under their cusotody for 1 month against for not to speak about the said killings of Ramnarayan.

The Pradip Sharma team then given a colour of the custodian death as Encounter and hence filed a FIR 302 of 2006 and subsequently filed ADR (accidental death) 55 of 2006 against the alleged encounter death of the said person at Varsova Ps.

Then brother of the diseased then filed Writ Petition in the High Court in 2006 as the incident was took place in 2006 and then after ascertaining the true facts of the case the Hon’ble High Court directed investigation of the case to be conducted through Special Investigation Team and then actual investigation was started in 2009 by SIT and then proper FIR was registered Cr No. 246 of 2009 at Varsova Police Station and then the SIT team investigated the case and filed Charge Sheet against the number of accused including Pradip Sharma and then charges were framed on 8.3.2011 by the Hon’ble Sessions Court and then summons for evidence was issued to prime witness Anil Bheda returnable on 16.03.2011

Then there was shocking news appeared on 13.03.2011 that dead body of Anil Bheda was found in burnt state of condition at Manor Police of District Thane, the dead body was identified through DNA test then from that day onwards 13.3.2011 to till today the Investigation of suspicious death of the prime witness of the case of custodial death of Ramnarayan is still pending at the office of STATE CID OFFICE, MAHARASHTRA. No action is being taken yet against the concerned accused by the CID.

Then the case was heard by the Sessions Court, Greater Bombay bearing Sessions Case No. 317 of 2010 and then the Hon’ble Court passed an order on 12.7.2013 and punished all the accused except not punished Pradip Sharma Encounter Specialist was gracefully acquitted.

Thereafter the brother of the diseased and police filed Criminal Appeal in the High Court for challenging the acquittal order against Pradip Sharma and then the Hon’ble High Court presided by the the Justice Smt. Revati Mohite Dhere and Justice Smt. Gauri Godse heard the Appeal of the brother of the deceased and of the State and finally argument was concluded and on 19.03.2024 the Hon’ble Court quashed and set aside the order of acquittal of Pradip Sharma which was passed by the Sessions Court and then Court convicted the said Pradip Sharma under the offences punishable under section 302 Murder and also held that the bullet was shot by the service revolver of Pradip Sharma and he and other accused are also convicted for other important sections of the Indian Penal Code and sentenced him for punishment for imprisonment of Life.

And Hon’ble Court further directed him to surrender before the Court concerned before 3 weeks from the date of the order i.e. 19.03.2024. It is a great judgment and one can see that all the mighty has to bow down before the Court of Law and justice can be done against all the victimized ones if the person meticulously followed the case and adduced the true evidence before the Court.

Now there is huge public outcry to the issue of knowing whether the said Pradip Sharma Police Inspector who is famous as Encounter Person killed 312 persons criminals in his police career are really killed those as genuine encounter or it was also a so called Fake Encounter of all those less blessed so called criminal persons.

Issued for public interest by Ad. Anil Bugde

Ad. Anil Bugde
Ad. Anil Bugde
I am Ad. Anil Bugde, Activist Lawyer taking up legal issues concerning larger public interest before the Forum of Public and also before the Court of Law and then mobilizing Human Power Organization to fight against all inhuman and insensitive approach of the mighty people and shady government agencies for the interest of Common Man, and also continuously striving for to see the Rule of Law is existing in the Society.


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